Diana Cuellar: TN Senate District 21 Candidate – 2014

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Beyond the 13 survey questions we asked each candidate on our voter guides, each candidate who answered the survey was given the opportunity, if they so chose, to respond to the following five essay questions in 300 words or less. On this page are the specific candidate’s answers. If a candidate answered some, but not all, of the questions, each unanswered question is marked as “No answer was provided.”

Question 1:

Explain your view of state government’s role in relation to economic growth and/or job creation.


Our state government should facilitate the passing of laws and legislation that allow the citizens of the state the freedom to develop economically, making it easier for business owners and the private sector to grow their businesses and hire more employees.   Additionally, the state has a mandate to make wise and fiscally prudent choices.

Question 2:

What particular regulations of abortion would you support or oppose and why?


I would support “Yes on 1” legislation to regulate the clinics that provide abortions, to give women the medical facts and the time to decide on a course of action. My prayer is that women would reject abortion, embrace the knowledge of the preciousness of life, and take action with a true choice that respects the humanity within them.

Question 3:

Do you believe parent(s) or government have the primary and ultimate responsibility for the education of children? Please provide at least one example that you believe demonstrates what you mean.


Parents should have ultimate responsibility for how education flows to their children – from deciding what school they attend and what books are appropriate, to rejecting sexual curriculum forced upon them. I heard of a mom (I think this was in CO) that was asked to leave the examination room during her pre-teen’s physical. She asked why and the doctor said she had to give her some information but the mom was not to be in the room. The mother refused to leave and the doctor said she’d give the information anyway. At this point, the doctor began to talk to this PRE-TEEN young girl about sexuality and the choices she would soon be making. At this point the mom, thoroughly appalled, took her daughter and left the room – but what if this mom had not been in the room during the physical? For the state to interfere without obtaining the parents’ permission to discuss a personal matter – some would say a religious matter – is abhorrent. Parents must always be in charge of what’s best for their children. For the record, abstinence is the best choice for a child (or unmarried person).

Question 4:

What is one of the most satisfying things you have ever accomplished and what made it so satisfying to you?


Learning to play the violin without the benefit of private lessons. When I was a kid in 5th grade orchestra, I knew we sounded awful – with our violin bows slipping and scratching over the strings like fingernails on a chalkboard! My hearing told me that we were terrible, but seeing the cotton in my teacher’s ears during class confirmed it. Even though it was a difficult instrument to play, I had the belief that if I kept practicing, I could play that fiddle. I took that violin home every single weekend, for years. By the time I was in 11th grade, I was playing 4-6 hours a day, and genuinely enjoying the practice.

Today, I play first violin in our church orchestra and with a chamber orchestra. Over the years, I’ve played for many weddings and events. And because I want to be the best at whatever I do, I am currently taking lessons. It was a natural gift from God that got me started playing, but it gives me so much pleasure to be able to perform, especially on Sunday at worship service.

Question 5:

What personal qualities or experiences do you think will define the nature of your service, if elected, and why do you think they are important?


America is great because it is good. You may have heard this famous quote. I’ve often wondered if we lost our goodness when we made abortion legal . . . . however, there is still goodness inside the hearts of men in TN and God’s Word says that He can redeem a nation, if His people repent and turn to Him.

The most important thing in my life is my faith in God and my desire to walk in His will. The Bible is the living, active book that I live by – I filter all information through it in order to discern truth, and I study it in order to know how to live. I will lead from humility and with the heart of a servant. I will treat all people equally and with respect, even if their faith/opinion/truth is diametrically opposed to mine. And I will continually be on my knees in prayer for direction. I think that humility of spirit is vital in a servant leader and closeness to God is necessary in order to hear from Him, and walk in His will.

Diana Cuellar’s Facebook page

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