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Getting Perspective on a Tough Legislative Session

This soon-to-conclude legislative session brings some good news and some bad news for social conservatives. To be honest, it was one of the most stressful sessions in my twenty-four years on the Hill from a social conservative perspective. But I’m trying to keep my perspective rightly balanced. The Good News Wasn’t Easy The good news […]

Can Constitutional Rights Be Repealed?

Former U. S. Supreme Court Justice John Stevens’ call to repeal the Second Amendment shocked many, but it tells us something about the view of many Americans and particularly those who’ve been trained in our law schools. In their view, God may exist, but He’s irrelevant, particularly to civil government. Therefore, in their minds, if […]

How You Fit into God’s Creational Purposes

NOTE: Since this radio segment aired, Restoring the Vision has been postponed from the original May 5, 2018, date until later this summer or fall due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. We will advise you of the new date for the seminar once it has been rescheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience and will promptly make […]

Tennessee Law License Revoked?

Christian lawyers could find themselves disbarred if Tennessee’s Supreme Court adopts a proposed change to the ethics rules that govern Tennessee’s attorneys. The proposed change adds a commentary to illuminate the intent behind the rule prohibiting discrimination. The proposed change says it is unethical for lawyers in either their professional or personal lives to “discriminate” […]