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Is Your Legislator in the Big-Business Echo Chamber?

The overwhelming defeat of the mass transit referendum in Metro Nashville this week should serve as a lesson for the candidates for governor and the state Legislature. But they won’t learn if we don’t insist that they do. Here is how you can “school them.” To understand the lesson they need to learn, you need […]

Is There a Gospel Remedy for Our Present Ills?

Last week, I pointed to social and political phenomenon that I thought evidenced our slide into socialism. That slide, I said, would stop only if a new generation of Vivien Kellems arose, a people with the courage to stand against a totalitarian state; however, I predicted such courage would only arise from people inspired by […]

Keeping Focused in the Political World

Recently, a Tennessee legislator was upset that we had reported on adverse actions he’d taken on a bill. He told us we were no longer welcome in his office. While unpleasant news, it was a great reminder of what a biblical worldview means. Whatever our position or calling in life, when we understand that whatever […]