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A New Day Dawning … Maybe

As Republicans expand their conrol over the Tennessee legislature, a new day may be dawning for state politics, but there are a number of things that could temper significant change. The General Assembly begins today with a whopping 17% of … Continue reading

Keeping Jesus in the Manger

We have government leaders and citizens who think we can only think whatever they want to think in private. Keep your ethical views to yourself and just stay in your prayer “closet,” and everything will be just fine. But come … Continue reading

Who Wins Isn’t the Issue

Tampering with a ballot box is not just “cheating” at the “game” of politics, as some might consider it. It is nothing short of a treasonous act because it is an attack on the very integrity of the fundamental component … Continue reading

How Not to Campaign and Win

With no money, political novice Jim Summerville’s best chance was not to do much and hope that the anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat mood was strong enough that folks would vote for him. It worked. There are lots of training programs for political … Continue reading