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FACT Report: February 9, 2017

Raging and the Foolish Liberal (February 9, 2017) Last week’s riot at Cal-Berkeley over a conservative speaker on campus was just another in a seemingly endless string of boisterous and even riotous protests by the Left in recent weeks. Their … Continue reading

The Cure for Liberal Chaos

Just this week, Democratic congressmen “boycotted” a committee meeting because it was not enough to just vote “no” on a cabinet nominee, and students at Cal-Berkeley rioted simply because Breitbart’s editor was scheduled to speak on campus. Even at the … Continue reading

FACT Report: January 25, 2017

Redefining Mom and Dad (January 25, 2017) A political firestorm has arisen in Tennessee over a bill that simply says that the words “mother,” “father,” “husband,” “wife” as used in Tennessee’s statutes shall be given their normal, historical meaning, which, of … Continue reading