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Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision Was a Federalism Doozy

This week the U.S. Supreme Court released an important Tenth Amendment decision, Murphy v. NCAA, that may have clear implications for the state’s lawsuit against the United States over the Refugee Act. It also might just overthrow the Court’s three-year-old same-sex “marriage” decision, Obergefell v. Hodges. The Murphy case involved a provision in a federal […]

Saying Good Bye to Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and next month we’ll celebrate Father’s Day. But given civil government’s sanction of two-mother and two-father households, will these honorific days pass away even as the Boy Scouts, an organization for boys, has passed away? Will two-mother households want their children asking why they don’t celebrate Father’s Day and wondering […]

Is Mother’s Day an Anachronism That Must Go?

Although my mother has passed into eternity, I will still celebrate Mother’s Day, giving thanks to God for her and honoring my wife because of her own high calling as a mother. But driving into work this week, a radio commercial about buying jewelry for Mother’s Day caught my attention. I couldn’t help but think […]

Big Business Money Loses Election

The recent overwhelming defeat of the mass transit referendum in Metro Nashville provided Joe and Jane Tennessean encouragement that the political deep pockets of big business do not have to run our state’s Legislature. According to The Tennessean, support for the referendum was funded “almost exclusively with checks from large companies, firms, and powerful institutions.” […]

Is Your Legislator in the Big-Business Echo Chamber?

The overwhelming defeat of the mass transit referendum in Metro Nashville this week should serve as a lesson for the candidates for governor and the state Legislature. But they won’t learn if we don’t insist that they do. Here is how you can “school them.” To understand the lesson they need to learn, you need […]