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We strongly believe that only a biblical worldview will allow us to understand the world in which we live and understand how we should approach the issues we’re confronted with in the public square. And we believe it is important that people know how to spot unbiblical worldviews and effectively engage others from a biblical worldview perspective.

Partnering with Focus on the Family for Biblical Worldview Course

In July 2009, after months of working out details with Focus on the Family, FACT became the first non-Focus on the Family organization to pilot a small group training program for individuals wanting to lead small group studies using Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project, a DVD-based biblical worldview curriculum.

The success of that pilot program opened the door for FACT, and several other organizations like FACT in other states, to conduct their own Truth Project training events in their states. Over the course of three years, FACT, trained hundreds of individuals across Tennessee to lead their own Truth Project small group studies.

Teaching Tennesseans How to Think Biblically in a Changing Culture

Given the response to the Truth Project trainings, FACT saw the need to pioneer a program that would help people apply what they learned through the Truth Project to issues in Tennessee and in real-life conversations with others. So, in 2011 FACT developed and launched its popular Stand for Truth Seminar.

That same year, FACT partnered with Michael DelGiorno of SuperTalk 99.7 FM in Nashville, a radio station that at the time reached 80,000 listeners, to launch WTN University. Over the course of twelve weeks, FACT taught “Civics 101,” a class on the biblical principles underlying America’s form of government and how it was designed to work.

The WTN University program was so successful that in 2013 FACT provided a 15-week radio course called “Worldviews 101” that reached 100,000 listeners per program across Tennessee. The class covered each of the main worldviews, theism, transcendentalism, pantheism, and post-modernism, practical ways in which they evidenced themselves in our everyday lives, and how they did nor did not explain or provide meaning to our daily life experiences.

In 2015 The Stand for Truth Seminar was revised and restructured to appeal to busy people who wanted to influence their culture but couldn’t afford to spend most of a Saturday at a seminar.

This year marks the fifth year that we will be providing this Tennessee-specific worldview training that teaches citizens how to successfully talk about issues related to family, marriage, life, and religious liberty, and how to engage and influence state legislators for a better Tennessee.

Typically slated for the fall each year, Stand for Truth is a great way to hone those critical thinking skills so that Tennesseans can confidently stand for the truth.

Preparing Statesmen in Our State and Beyond

This year, FACT’s president, David Fowler, will participate in the inaugural Statesmen Academy hosted by FACT’s national ally, Family Policy Alliance (formerly CitizenLink). Mr. Fowler will be instructing and interacting with 50 select state legislators from various states around the country so that these elected officials will be more prepared to advocate for biblical values. And he is developing a training program for millennials in Tennessee who want to develop a biblical worldview relative to future endeavors in the public policy sector.


Thanks to your faithful prayers and generous financial support, we have come a long way in a decade to stand in the gap and advocate for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty in our state.